Reel 2020 

My reel and website are pretty outdated as I have not stopped working since that; although I have improved significantly, they still give a glance at the quality of my work.
I am Juan Gerardo Gonzalez, a 29-year-old Colombian motion designer and video creator based in Melbourne, Australia, since 2020. Working in the industry for over four years, I have been involved in a wide range of projects for different countries, such as the UK, USA, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, and multiple studios and agencies across Australia. From conceptualization to delivery, most of this experience has been in animation for educational and informative purposes, products, apps, and services promotions, social media content, and TV advertisement. 
I am a multidisciplinary designer who is always curious about different avant-garde techniques, software, tools, technologies, styles, and trends. I take pride in being a proactive, good planner, punctual, and responsible designer, who keeps efficient workflows and schedules, and I feel comfortable and confident in a professional environment as a team member, but also capable of working remotely. So regardless of where you are, I am ready to help.
Let’s work together.
Thank you!